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2019-06-18 22:54:22

Sainte Marie aux Mines 2019

Hi all, This year 2019 has been impressive in terms of novelties and high quality minerals. Aquamarines in quantity, quality and measures xxl. The Zunyites of Iran with crystals of more than 1 centimeter and on matrix. Super nice Kobyashevite on matrix of Ojuela mine. New and spectacular, super-transparent Vivianites by Rosia Poieni in Romania. Diaspor with transparent crystals and on matrix, also with V-twins. Thulite twins crystallized on matrix. Crystals of more than 5 cm. on matrix xxl. of Mordenite, Goosecreeckite and Epistilbite from India. New and very bright Hutchinsonites from Peru. Pseudomorphisms of Calcite on Stibnite from the Herja mine in Romania. Beautiful combinations of fluorite and Scalenohedral Calcites from Pakistan. The new Brucites of Pakistan but of a superbright yellow color. And finally, exceptional amethyst scepters from the Chibuku mine in Zimbabwe. Not to mention Morocco with its new and exceptional Vanadinitas. Enjoy. When you love minerals, it is forever.