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auction information
General information   |   How to bid   |   Children under 18   |   Terms and conditions   |   Private policy   |   Payment   |   Shipment
General information

1. These mineral auctions web is designed and created by Minerals Pauli.
Copyright 2007-12.

2. These mineral auctions are exclusively in Euros.

3. www.mineralspauli.com
Pauli Figueras Arbůs
NIF.: 39851132K
How to bid

Once you find an Mineral you're interested in, it's easy to place a bid.

1. Carefully review the item listing.

2. Enter your bid amount.

3. Confirm your bid amount.

4. Click the "Place a Bid" button.

5. Review your bid, and click the final "Place a Bid" button.
Children under 18

1. It is strictly forbidden to bidding in this mineral auctions if you are under 18. But, if you are under 18 years, and decided bidding on the system, please, ask and confirm (written) the consent of yours parents.
Terms and conditions

1. These auctions are in real price, proxy bid isnít used, not reserve price. Ever when you take a bid, this is translated into a real time.

2. No reserve bids and no reserve prices.

3. For bidding, first you must register. After registration, you will receive an e-mail who confirm for bidding in the auctions.

4. Please, read all the terms and conditions, before bidding.

5. When you come back to visit the auction you will be asked to log in before you can bid.

6. If you are outbid during the course of the auction the system will notify you by e-mail that you have been outbidden on that particular item.

7. The auction is fully automated and will become a live auction at the start of the closing. You will be bidding against other people in real-time.

8. When the auction is finished, you will receive automatically an e-mail that will confirm that you are the high bidder and the winner for this item.

9. In one or two days after finishing the auction, you will receive a personal e-mail to pay the item or the items that won and the total amount, including shipping and postage.

10. Auction specimens are returnable if they are damaged or are not as advertised on the auction.

11. The most important on the mineral auction from Pauli Minerals, is a contract to buy the specimen at the price set by your bid.

12. The bid increments are for the minimum, not for the maximum. You put enter your bid and automatically, it is translated this bid to the web.
Private policy

1. For the personal information and the adress for delivery the items won, use our personal mail address, pauli@mineralspauli.com, if this one is diferent to the register address.

2. Your privacy will be respected, if you arenít interested in receiving a mails for explain to you when the auction begins or finishs or the latest news from our website, please, send a mail to pauli@mineralspauli.com

3. Legal advice. All the terms and conditions shall be governe by the Spanish Law and subjected to the excluvely jurisdiction of Spanish Courts.

4. Your personal information are estrictely confindential, and Minerals Pauli donít never use for the third persons and for publicitary. This question is for the article 12 of the Organic Spanish Law to 15/1999.

5. It is prohibited within the limits established by the Act, the total or partial reproduction of this website by any means, electronic or mechanical, and any other form of transfer, without the prior written permission.

1. For secure ordering and protecting your personal information, your credit card information and your personal information, Minerals Pauli use the Pay Pal system. It is fast, free and secure.

2. If you need to pay the item by another system, use our bank account, only delivery by personal demanded.

3. If after one month you are the winner for the item, and the item is unpaid, Minerals Pauli will writte you to send the payment and after this last posibility, you must retaire and eliminate for bidding on this web page. After this posibility, Minerals Pauli confirm to the last bidder who is the winner now.

1. The shippment are by Spanish Postal Service. For on item to Europe are about 6 to 9 Ä. For the overseas, minimum 10 Ä. By the way, if you prefer to send more of one item in a package, it is better and chipper for you. For security reasons, you pay a 10 % moore and have an asurance for your items.

2. If you prefer receiving the item or items by Express Mail, MRW, UPS or other, you will receive the final amount on your invoice after one or two days you win the item.